My name is Konrad, a.k.a. „Mucha”. I’m a young creative graphic designer, who run my own design studio muchaDSGN where realizes artistic creations for clients from Poland, Germany, Great Britain, and with the further corners of the world, including the USA, Hong Kong and Thailand. Every day is primarily creating brand image, design logos, typefaces, album covers, packaging, publication, publishing, textiles, signs, arranging the interior, creating murals and any other visual forms, including music videos and animation.

My adventure with drawing and other forms of creative expression began in early childhood, when- to the dismay of my parents- I eagerly drew over any available surface. Then came boring classes at school, which I spent doodling all over my notebooks and finally, painting the walls on the local housing estate. After a while I found myself at University of Arts in Poznań, where I studied at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. This is where “I got infected by” minimalism and functionality in designing, adopting the principle that less is more. In 2014, I graduated with distinction in the Animation Studio prof. Jacek Adamczak, along with a created in the Studio Publishing prof. Mirosław Pawłowski.

Every day I deal with the broader graphic design for companies, institutions and individuals, as well as all creative forms ranging from illustration, poster, publications, typography, on web design and animation ending.
From 2012, the full role of a graphic designer in the music Osterdam Records label. It is a publishing house and plate production studio to promote outstanding originality and a fresh perspective on music and art artists. I’m member of STGU (Association of Graphic Artists). In 2016 I awarded the title of Personality of Ostrów Culture. Awarded five times by the prestigious industry portal for creative Behance. Winner of many competitions and exhibitions among others.: The Second Polish Exhibition of Graphic Symbols, 30/30 Competition for the best covers 2015, Cover awArts | Best Polish album cover in 2015. For some time getting started as its brand clothing Mucha Nie Siada, where develops its own original ideas for the design and textiles.

I create designs for clients who want to stand out from their competitors and make their brand/product memorable. I put fresh and innovative ideas first. I take an individual approach to every design, so they’re always original, but you can still find in them a common denominator. I love new challenges, because they give me new experience and positive, creative energy. I’m always willing to cooperate. Feel free to contact me!


Branding — SZ(T)UKA KOMPROMISU muchaDSGN | Konrad Moszyński
Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej | 7-30 kwietnia 2017

5. Urodziny Osterdam Records | muchaDSGN — plakaty & okładki
18.03.2017-04.04.2017 Ostrów Wielkopolski (Stara Przepompownia)

30/30 Konkurs na najlepszą okładkę płytową 2015

21.04.2016-24.05.2016. Poznań (Galeria Miejska Arsenał)

The Second Polish Exhibition of Sign

04.09.2015–23.10.2015 Gdynia (Centrum Designu Gdynia)
13.11.2015–31.01.2016 Warszawa (Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej)
11.03.2016-15.05.2016 Wrocław (Galeria Dizajn – BWA Wrocław)
13.04.2016–05.06.2016 Cieszyn (Zamek Cieszyn)
16.09.2016–11.12.2016 Kraków (Galerii Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki w Krakowie)
08.07.2016–04.09.2016 Kielce (Institute of Design)
20.10.2016–20.11.2016 Tarnów (Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych)
20.12.2016–14.01.2017Wilno/Litwa (Galeria ARKA)
08.02.2017–28.02.2017 Kowno/Litwa (Uniwersytet Nauk Stosowanych)
10.03.2017–2.04.2017 Zielona Góra (Galeria BWA)
30.03.2017–23.04.2017 Bratysława (Słowackie Centrum Dizajnu – Galeria Satelit)
18.04.2017–10.06.2017 Jelenia Góra (Galeria BWA)
24.05.2017–04.06.2017 Berlin (Kunstquartier Bethanien STUDIO 1)

Klimat Bioróżnorodności

Wystawa plakatu w ramach Partnerstwa dla Klimatu, Ministerstwo Środowiska, Warszawa (2010)

Awards & Honors:

Osobowość Ostrowskiej Kultury 2016

Cover awArts | Najlepsze polskie okładki płyt 2015

Behance Graphic Design

Behance Branding Served 11/21/2015 (identyfikacja marki KONRADY – Transport Międzynarodowy)

III miejsce w konkursie na plakat „Przez sztukę do profilaktyki raka piersi”, Wielkopolskie Centrum Onkologii, Poznań (2012

Articles & Publications:

Grafmag – Cudze chwalicie, swego nie znacie – inspirujące projekty Polaków #10

Brooklyn Story

Artykuł na nowojorskim portalu ANIMAL, poświęconym street art’owi:

Artykuł na nowojorskim portalu kulturowym Themathhattan: