Osterdam Family

typografia / muzyka / grafika

Osterdam Family — Osterdam Family (2017) LP
Osterdam Records [OSTR023]

Osterdam Family is a music collective gathering artists of the native, Ostrowian hip-hop scene. From the music side, the album was produced by: Mariusz “Loverdozed” Czelny, Adam “Bubu” Biel and Krystian “Ysiu” Ludwikowski. Many guests appeared on the album, including several veterans of the local scene: Mc Illo, Bubu, Pawlak, Tasar, Olejz, Maras, Kruk, Sigma, Vally, Czapa, Gora and Memphiz. In addition, Agnieszka “Gaga” Krasicka performed vocally on the album, and the instruments were supported by the instruments: Mateusz “Yohi” Nowak – percussion instruments, Radoslaw “Zizi” Ryszkiewicz – bass, guitar and Tomasz Barzęc – trumpet.

The album in its physical version conceals the puzzle-to-solve puzzle – a surprise in the form of a bonus awaits the perceptive listeners. The cover is entirely covered with a soft touch foil, and all typographic elements are covered with UV FLUO varnish, which makes the inscriptions shine at night. The cover of the album was among the nominees for the title of Best Cover of the Year CoverawArts 2017.

The premiere concert promoting the album took place on March 18, 2017, during the 5th Birthday of Osterdam Records at the Old Pumping Station. The album promotes the video for the song “I like to play here” performed by Bubu and Tasar.

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